• Parker on the Iroquois Iroquois uses of maize and other food plants. The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca prophet and the constitution of five nations. Edited w/ and intro. by William N. Fenton.
  • Seneca Myths and Folk Tales "On the Cattaraugus reservation, it was part of a child's initial training to learn why the bear lost its tail, why the chipmunk has a striped back, and why meteors flash in the sky," writes Arthur C. Parker at the beginning of Seneca Myths and Folk Tales. His blood ties to the Senecas and early familiarity with their culture led to a distinguished career as an archaeologist and to the publication in 1923 of this pioneeering work. Parker recreates the milieu in which the Seneca legends and folktales were told and discusses their basic themes and components before going on to relate more than seventy of them that he heard as a boy. Here is the magical Senecan world populated by unseen good and evil spirits, ghosts, and beings capable of transformation. Included are creation myths; folktales involving contests between mortal youths and assorted powers; tales of love and marriage; and stories about cannibals, talking animals, pygmies, giants, monsters, vampires, and witches.
  • A collection of children's tales, handed down by Seneca Indians. They have been gathered together by a Seneca anthropologist, who himself is the grandson of a leading Seneca chief. Skunny Wundy-Seneca Indian Tales is an enchanting book of children's tales handed down by Native American storytellers & collected by the noted Seneca anthropologist. "These tales are for boys & girls. It is a shame to hide them away"--Arthur C. Parker. "I wish I could have read it as a child. But the next best thing to that is being able to recommend it to the children of another generation--Native & non-Native children alike. Like the storyteller holding out his bag & asking a child to reach in & pull out the next tale to be told, it is my privilege to offer this book to you & to urge you, as Parker did so well over a century ago, to listen. Listen well."--Joseph Bruchac. Here children will meet the clever fox & raccoon, the rabbit who is often easily duped, courageous but not very bright bears, & the villainous wolf. Here too is the turtle, with a special place in Seneca mythology, & many other animal characters, the mink & eagle, buffalo, weasel, & the old snowy owl. This is the first paperback printing of Skunny Wundy.


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