Thinking in Indian


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Thinking in Indian : A John Mohawk Reader presents the Native- Perception of philosopher- thinker-activist John Mohawk (Sotsisowah). An elder of the Seneca Nation and a deeply rooted Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) traditionalist, Mohawk’s intellectual approach is keenly universal while founded in the practice of his ancient longhouse culture. A participant and learer in the Native Traditional movement. John Mohawk’s gifted oratory and clear thinking became the basis of a substantial current of Native Activism.

These essays, produced and published over thirty years, are prescient in the prophetic tradition yet current. They reflect consistent engagement in Native issues and deliver a profoundly indigenous analysis of modern existence. Sovereignty, cultural roots and world view, land and treaty rights, globalization, spiritual formulations and fundamental human wisdom coalesce to provide a genuinely indigenous perspective on current events.

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Thinking in Indian

Size: 277 pages

Author: John Mohawk

Edited by: Jose Barreiro

Publisher: Fulcrum

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