The Standing Pot


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The Standing Pot is an invaluable resource for traditional cooking.

With recipes from everything to different corn soups, crayfish, roast pheasant and venison, fiddleheads, leeks, frybread, huckleberry bread, salt brine pickles and more; you will find something unique and tasteful for you and the family. Also included is the Seneca language and pronunciation for each recipe name.

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The Standing Pot

About the Author:

Ms. Bardeau, an elder, known as Gayanogwad within the Deer Clan is a fluent speaker of her Seneca language. She has devoted many years to language development and teaching. As a language researcher and writer, she has now added Standing Pot to her other publications: Seneca Shorts, It’s In The Word- Seneca Dictionary, The Hummingbird, Natural Time, Identity, New Reference Edition, Seneca Basics I and II and many more.

101 pgs.
Produced by: Phyllis Bardeau. Edited by: Eva Aidman

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