The Standing Pot [Digital Download – PDF]


The Standing Pot [Digital Download – PDF] is an invaluable resource for traditional cooking.

With recipes from everything to different corn soups, crayfish, roast pheasant and venison, fiddleheads, leeks, frybread, huckleberry bread, salt brine pickles and more; you will find something unique and tasteful for you and the family. Also included is the Seneca language and pronunciation for each recipe name.

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The Standing Pot [Digital Download – PDF]

About the Author:

Ms. Bardeau, a Seneca elder, known as Gayanogwad within the Deer Clan is a fluent speaker of her Seneca language. She has devoted many years to language development and teaching. As a language researcher and writer, she has now added Standing Pot to her other publications: Seneca Shorts, It’s In The Word- Seneca Dictionary, The Hummingbird, Natural Time, Identity, New Reference Edition, Seneca Basics I and II and many more.

101 pgs.
Produced by: Phyllis Bardeau. Edited by: Eva Aidman

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