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The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing- An Amazing Journey Vol.III


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The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing- An Amazing Journey Vol.III

This third volume of Robert Griffing’s artwork is the result of 10 years of work since the release of his last book (out of print). It takes you into Eastern Native American history in the mid to later part of the 18th century, a time of struggle and recovery for the eastern tribes.

Through Michael Galban’s research, his engaging writing relates well to the artwork. Robert believes it’s important that these Eastern Native American images be seen and their story told and not be forgotten.

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The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing- An Amazing Journey Vol.III

About Robert Griffing

Robert Griffing grew up in Linesville, Pennsylvania, where he roamed the fields and beaches around Pymatuning Lake collecting stone artifacts, the key factor for his love of history and native cultures. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a thirty year advertising career, he returned to the subject of his early fascination, the Eastern Woodland Indian of the 18th century. Griffing decided to devote his time and energy to his passion after receiving an enthusiastic response to his early paintings and prints.

He describes himself as a painter of 18th century scenes that involve or feature the Eastern Woodland Indian. His Paintings focus on a time that marked the beginning years of chaos and uncertainty for the Woodland tribes as they struggled to survive the encroachment of Europeans.

In addition to his extensive library of books, historical papers and journals, he is grateful to his historian and re-enactor friends who provide information and act as models for some of the characters in the paintings.

Griffing hopes that his paintings shed some light on this time period that has been neglected through society’s romance with the American West.

Robert Griffing studied illustration and design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and went on to enjoy a thirty-year career in advertising. His lifelong interest in Native American and colonial history was the result of growing up in western Pennsylvania, where many eighteenth-century historical events took place. He still resides there with his family.

Today Griffing paints the Native Americans of the Great Lakes and Eastern Woodlands. His work has been included in educational packages, TV historical documentaries, the covers of national magazines, and Native American museums and cultural centers, including the 2007 exhibition Emissaries of Peace: The 1762 Cherokee & British Delegations at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

Hardback, 180+ pages, 130 color plates

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