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Seneca Shorts- Seneca Language Story Book is written for reading enjoyment in the Seneca language. This collection of short stories can be used as an instructional tool in the teaching of the Seneca language. Learners of Seneca will learn the pattern of speech, and the use of connecting words. The Glossary of Expressions at the end of this book lists many ‘connecting’ words. A Pronunciation key is included at the end of the book, as well as at the bottom of each page. Each story in Seneca is followed by an English translation, capturing the ‘gist’ of the story. The essence of the humor is in the Seneca vocabulary.

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“Long ago, our people told stories during the winter months. There was just too much to do during good weather, planting, , gathering, hunting , ceremonies and preparing for the winter months ahead. There were the ‘Story Tellers’; they visited homes, stayed a few days here and there, helping out as needed, and told their stories. Evenings was story telling time, the children knew this. And though they were sent to bed early as usual, it was different when the story teller was there among them. They stayed awake to listen for as long as they could. The parents knew this. The stories were such as to gently teach morals, on the other hand, some were behavioral like the ‘you-better-be-in-before-dark’ stories’. Both stories for children’s benefit (and ultimately the parents too) revolved around the unseen.

Not all stories were a little scary, some were a lot scary, some I remember to this day! May stories were historical happenings. It was a means of passing down information orally, about tribal and inter0tribal news, old times, prophesies and medicines etc… The story tellers were knowledgeable about many things. They were male elders, and understood the complexities of life, so they also had the ability to advise and counsel. Seneca Shorts is a collection of short stories of the humorous kind. The Seneca language is dimensional, it has a pictorial quality, words can be compounded to create humorous picture-words. At one time, social order was kept through ridicule. The Chicken Thief is a true story. The would be thief forever bore the brunt of the communities’ laughter through the retelling. Forever is a LONG time, and his story is still being told and creating laughter.”

About the author:
Ms. Bardeau, an elder, known as Gayanogwad within the Deer Clan is a fluent speaker of her Seneca language. She has devoted many years to language development and teaching. As a language researcher and writer, she has now added Seneca Shorts to her other publications: The Standing Pot (Seneca Cookbook), It’s In The Word- Seneca Dictionary, The Hummingbird, Natural Time, Identity, New Reference Edition, Seneca Basics I and II and many more.

Seneca Shorts- A collection of short humors stories. 72 pgs. Produced by: Phyllis Bardeau. Edited by: Eva Aidman.

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