Seneca Indian Stories


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Seneca Indian Stories by Leo Cooper is a wonderful collection. The Seneca elders shared these cultural stories with Leo that are preserved in this book. This collection is appropriate for all children of all cultures. In traditional times, the Senecas told these stories in the winter. Stories are not simply for entertainment, they also provided moral development of the younger generation.

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Seneca Indian Stories

Stories included are:

How the Rabbit Came to Have Long Ears and Long Hind Legs
Why the Rabbit Washes His Short Tail and Split Lip
Why the Raccoon Washes His Food and Wears a Mask
The Woman and the Bear
Why the Robin’s Breast is Red
How the Mice Kept the Peace Among the Tribes
How the Bats Came Into Being
Greedy Fawn and the Magic Chestnut
Why Owls are So Much Like Cats
Why Cats eat First and then Wash
Why Crows Steal Corn and Have No Home
About Djo-gaa-oh (The Little People)
Mourning Doves
How the Real People Learned about Medicines

Ha-yen-doh-nees (Leo Cooper) was a member of the Heron Clan and served as President of the Seneca Nation of Indians from 1954 to 1956, before which he worked as a structure steel worker. He was a member and elder of the Jimmerstown Presbyterian Church as well as a 32nd Degree Mason, and he also lectured on anthropology and Native American culture at both Muhlenberg College and Edinboro College. The stories in this collection, along with his reflections on life and growing up on the Allegany Reservation, were found after his death in an old ledger book.

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Paperback: 62 pages
Publisher: Greenfield Review Pr (June 1, 1995)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.2 x 9 inches

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