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Penelope Minner- Beaded Basket Purse


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This beautiful Penelope Minner- Beaded Basket Purse is made with black ash splint, velvet and glass beads. This unique purse is a fully functional piece of wearable art.

Splints made from pounding black ash logs, have been used by Indigenous people for centuries. Black ash trees, and the harvested splints are in danger of being eradicated due to the Emerald Ash Borer. Penelope “Penny” Minner (Seneca, Turtle Clan) is a practicing basket maker and bead worker whose work is a blend of traditional styles with a modern twist.

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Penelope Minner- Beaded Basket Purse

Measures approximately- 10 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Artist Statement:

My parents were very artistic, traditional crafts people of their time. My father, Lester Jimerson was a traditional wood carver, mask maker, he made horn rattles and turtle rattles and traditional Seneca head dresses, while my mother, Hazel would make corn husk dolls and corn husk mats and salt bottles. They both have works in the Smithsonian Institute collections. Traditional arts and crafts were common place in our household. I learned much from watching them. I also learned a lot about basket making from my cousin, Midge Dean Stock. I feel that through my talents I am able to share their spirit with others to pass on to the next generation and to those who are willing to learn. Within the last 5 years I have worked within the community to teach black ash splint basket making and corn husk doll making, though I have been practicing the crafts for over 13 years.

The basket making process is time consuming and labor intensive and because of that, many new students find that it’s not for them. Finding a dedicated student to whom I can pass this along and keep the tradition alive is a true pleasure.

Weight or shipping is approximately 1 lbs.

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Weight1 lbs

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