Onöndowa’ga:’ Wënö:gweh (Seneca Women) by Randy A. John


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Onöndowa’ga:’ Wënö:gweh (Seneca Women) by Randy A. John. The Hodinöhsö ni’ are a matriarchal society, women are a powerful entity. Membership is matrilineal, traditionally, the clan mother position holds a tremendous amount of responsibility to society. This book is a collection of Seneca women’s names with a brief description for each entry. There are 253 names ranging from the 1600’s to the 21st century. All the female Clerks of the Seneca Nation of Indians are listed. For the Senecas, the 1848 political revolution creating an elective system of political government; reduced the power of women for over a century. In the late 1960s, women regained political power and began to vote and run for office in the Seneca Nation of Indians. Since 1968, a woman has won the executive position of Clerk every elections since.

Randy A. John is a member of the Seneca Nation.

This book also focuses on the learning of Seneca Language.

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Onöndowa’ga:’ Wënö:gweh (Seneca Women) by Randy A. John

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Author Nëhdöwes Randy A. John
Publisher: Lulu.com, 2019
Length 58 pages

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