KT Orange Peyote Stitch Earrings


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KT Orange Peyote Stitch Earrings.

Kristina Tome

“I am currently attending the University of Buffalo for Masters in Critical Museum Sciences. I received my Bachelor in Fine Arts. I have shown my work around Western New York. Seneca Nation Cultural Center/Museum, Cayuga Museum, Roswell Park, Burchfield Penny Arts Center.
1st place – Seneca Nation Cultural Center Fall 2018 Beaded Strawberry necklace.

I create art to make people happy. My work lately has been focused on missing, exploited and murdered indigenous women. I create these pieces in oils on large canvases. This issue has become a main focus in my paintings. I also create beadwork. My beaded pieces that I focus on are beaded strawberries necklaces and earrings.”

Out of stock


KT Orange Peyote Stitch Earrings

Size: 3″ in length

Artist: Kristina Tome, Seneca, Deer Clan

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