Bowl With Water Design


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Bowl With Water Design

This particular pot was wheel thrown.

What is wheel throwing you ask?

Wheel throwing is the process of shaping and forming clay into usable shapes on the pottery wheel. Also, wheel throwing is used for adding the finishing touches to pottery such as lines or designs.

Information about the artist: Peter B. Jones is a renowned potter and sculptor. He studied under Hopi artist Otellie Loloma while attending the Institute of American Indian Art in New Mexico. His pottery, which is derived from traditional Iroquois pit firing, hand-built coiling and slab construction, is admired and collected by community members, Native American art collectors, and museums across the country and internationally. Reminiscent of early Iroquois pottery, Jones’ art directly reflects the issues that have impacted the Hodinöhsö:ni’. His works are in traditional style, pit fired Iroquois pottery

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Bowl With Water Design

Approximate Size: 4.5″x 6″

Pottery is one of the many ancient crafts done by the Hodinöhsö:ni’. Most Native Americans cultures had clay sources close to their homes.                                    The clay could be dug out as a packed mud or soft stone. Pottery was used for cooking, and storing water and food.

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