Black Ash Pack Basket

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Made by Robin Lazore of the Mohawk Nation, this durable black ash pack basket is ready for utilitarian use as it was intended. Or simply add it to your collection of baskets. The basket has a handle for ease of carrying.

Black ash is the tree of choice for Iroquois people for producing splint basketry. Black ash
growth rings are separated by pounding with the back of an axe; the splints produced
are flexible when moistened and become very strong once woven into a basket and dried.

Pack baskets are crafted with sturdy, tightly woven black ash splints that are used by
hunters and trappers to bring their harvests home. Women used them to carry the plants and food they harvest. Today, with the reemergence of natural products gaining traction, more and more people are using these traditional baskets in their everyday lives for shopping, gathering, or simply transporting items from one place to another.

In stock


Black Ash Pack Basket
Measures Approximately 19 inches tall with a 13 inch diameter.

*Weight or shipping is approximately 2 lbs.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions14 × 15 in

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