Apple Basket Painting


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Apple Basket Painting

The Inspiration behind the Painting

“I started off with a Fall background, then was inspired by a large, vibrant tree in my yard. Then I bought the basket at the Antique mall. It was an authentic Seneca basket, so I was very surprised to have found it there for 20$. Once I had bought the basket, I was motivated to put it into my painting to show our people using our traditional artifacts. The woman isn’t any woman in particular, but is an honoring of all women for their hard work.”

-Bill Crouse


Out of stock


Apple Basket Painting

Approximate Size: 16″ x 20″

Information on the Artist
Bill Crouse Sr. is a member of the Seneca Nation. Has 30 years of experience as a Native American Artist.                                                                                               Aside from painting, Bill also makes, water drums, horn rattles, Hand drums, Drum sticks.

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