• Cara Dry 3 Sisters Print (BW) Cara is a member of the Seneca Nation, Deer clan. "The inspiration for my art comes from nature and the art of the Iroquois. As a child I spend endless days roaming the woods of the Allegany Foothills and playing the waters of the Ohiyo (Alleghany River) and its tributaries. I always watched the sun light come through the trees and hit the water looking at the wonderful colors and shapes created by the shadows and light. At an early age I was mesmerized by the textures and patterns that Mother Nature created. I would watch and study wild animals, for as long as they would allow me. All these experiences have influenced my paintings, drawings, and sculptures."
  • In Legends of the Iroquois, Tehanetorens (Ray Fadden, Mohwak) presents ancient stories both in pictographs and accompanied by English translations. Pictographs were the original writing system used by many Native American and First Nations peoples and could be symbols of physical objects or concepts. A brief summary of the Great Peace upon which Iroquois culture is founded, along with a key to Six Nations pictographs, the symbols of the Six Nations and that of their clans prelude the stories. Fourteen tales explore the Iroquois culture and teach lessons of loyalty, bravery, and kindness. Also included is a full biography of Tehanetorens and his contributions to the Haudenosaunee. About the Author: Tehanetorens (Ray Fadden) was a master storyteller in the Mohawk tradition. During his lifelong career as a teacher, he established youth groups at Akwesasne to promote Native values and served as president of the Indian Defense League of America. In 1954 he founded the Six Nations Indian Museum near Onchiota, New York, to serve as a cultural center for tribal people in the Six Nations region. He passed away in November 2008 at age 98.


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