• A Cherished Curiosity by Gerry Biron. Since the early 19th century, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) beaded bags have been admired and cherished by travelers to Niagara Falls and other tourist destinations for their aesthetic beauty, detailed artistry, and the creative spirit of their makers. These bags played a crucial role in the subsistence of many Indian families during the 19th century. This lavishly illustrated history examines these bags – the most extensively produced dress accessory made by the Haudenosaunee – along with the historical development of beadworking both as an art form and as a subsistence practice for Native women. The beaded bags are considered in the context of art, fashion, and the tourist economy. Illustrated with over one hundred and sixty of the most important and exquisite examples, along with a unique collection of historical photographs of the bags in their original context, this book provides essential reading for collectors and researchers of this long neglected and misunderstood area of American Indian art. Limited printing of only 1500 copies
  • These beautifully made beaded girl shoes were created by Heather Cooper from the Seneca Nation. These heirloom shoes would make a great gift idea for the special little girl in your life.
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    This Heather Cooper- Beaded Butterfly Necklace also has the silhouette of two wolves in the center. Made with glass seed beads. Heather Cooper is a bead worker from the Seneca Nation.


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