Seneca painter and pottery artist

  • Cara Dry 3 Sisters Print (BW) Cara is a member of the Seneca Nation, Deer clan. "The inspiration for my art comes from nature and the art of the Iroquois. As a child I spend endless days roaming the woods of the Allegany Foothills and playing the waters of the Ohiyo (Alleghany River) and its tributaries. I always watched the sun light come through the trees and hit the water looking at the wonderful colors and shapes created by the shadows and light. At an early age I was mesmerized by the textures and patterns that Mother Nature created. I would watch and study wild animals, for as long as they would allow me. All these experiences have influenced my paintings, drawings, and sculptures."
  • The Keeping History Alive T-Shirt features the iconic image of Goldie Jamison Conklin, Seneca-Heron Clan. Goldie’s Seneca name was Ah-Weh-Eyu which means Pretty Flower. Goldie was born on the Allegany Territory, New York in 1892. Numerous images taken of Goldie as she worked as a model for the Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. of Little Valley, New York, grace many postcards and advertisements for the company’s line of “Indian Brand” knives. The majority of photographs were taken by Jesse Lynn Blessing of The Blessing Studio, Salamanca, New York. These postcards and advertisements continue to be sought after by collectors. Goldie passed in 1974. She is buried on the Seneca Cattaraugus Territory. In keeping with the museum mission by keeping history alive, we honor one of our past Seneca's.
  • This beautiful Large Stoneware Vase by Cara Dry features Hodinöhsö:ni’ designs. This vase has beautiful colors and unique characteristics. Cara is a practicing pottery maker, painter and teacher from the Seneca Nation. This piece is signed by the artist on the bottom.


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