Seneca painter and pottery artist

  • This beautiful Large Stoneware Vase by Cara Dry features Hodinöhsö:ni’ designs. This vase has beautiful colors and unique characteristics. Cara is a practicing pottery maker, painter and teacher from the Seneca Nation. This piece is signed by the artist on the bottom.
  • Goldie Face Mask Who was Goldie? Goldie Jamison Conklin, 11/30/1892-5/1974 Goldie was Seneca, Heron clan and was born on the Allegany Reservation, her parents were Jacob J. Jamison and Eliza D. Jamison. Goldie Became a model for the Cattaragus Cutlery Co. in Little Valley, New York. Photos that were taken of her were made into postcards and used for advertisement for the company's line of "Indian Brand" knives. Except where noted, all her images are circa 1910 real photographic postcards.


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