Seneca Artist

  • This Bill Crouse- Iroquois Singer- Original Painting Bill is a well known painter, performer, MC, Seneca linguist and drum maker. Bill has lived his entire life on the Allegany Territory and his art has always been about his culture. Bill states “The things I’ve seen and learned from my elders and family have been the subject of my art. I’ve been fortunate to have many great teachers from whom I’ve learned songs, dances, crafts, language, and art in general.”
  • This matted Tadodaho Print by Bill Crouse Sr. depicts part of the founding of the Hodinöhsö:ni’ (Iroquois) Alliance. In this part of the story Deganawidah went to the evil Tadodahos cabin. Tadodaho was avery powerful man whom was also a cannibal, and changing his mind into a good one for the cause of peace was paramount. Deganawidah said, “That is just the sort of evil that must be changed if people are to live without fear. I will go there.” When Deganawidah went to the house of the cannibal he went onto the roof and waited, peering down through the smokehole. Soon the man later to be known as Tadodaho came home carrying a human body, which he put into a kettle to prepare for eating. Seeing the reflection of Deganawidahʼs face in the water, the man thought it was his own. “That is the face of a great man,” the cannibal said. “I did not know I was such a man.” He looked again and again saw the face (which was actually the face of Deganawidah) looking up at him. “Surely a man that wise and strong would not eat the flesh of other human beings.” With that he took the kettle out to the forest and emptied the contents under the roots of an upturned tree. As he walked back he thought, “I will no longer kill and eat humans, but I must do more to make amends for the suffering I have caused...” Bill is from the Seneca Nation and is a well-known painter, performer, MC, Seneca linguist and drum maker. This print is from an original artwork.


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